Your child will achieve
more than you thought
was possible.

ABA Therapy

The Key to Success

Because of its methods of behavior identification and modification, ABA therapy has been proven to be effective in successfully treating children with ASD. Combined with the expert care and guidance of our trained BCBA/LBAs and therapists, your child can achieve more than you thought possible. 

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Play Therapy

ABA Therapy

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Bright Achievements

Our Process


Each family that reaches out is assigned a personal intake coordinator, who will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility and request authorization for assessment of your child.

Clinical Consultation

One of our therapists will set up a consultation to get a full picture of your child and your family background. That way, we can provide the best possible targeted treatment plan for your child.


Our team of BCBas will assess your child’s skills and level of development and create an individualized treatment plan to address his/her specific strengths and weaknesses.


Your child’s team will implement the plan, with constant monitoring and adjusting to ensure the best possible outcomes. Once your child’s treatment plan is fully implemented, your child’s therapists will document their progress and adapt the plan accordingly.

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