Our Mission

Creating Brighter Futures

At Bright Achievements, we firmly believe that children with autism have the ability to lead happy, productive, and successful lives. We’ve seen proof of this in multiple cases, as the children we treat thrive under the warm, professional care of our therapists. Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analyst’s (BCBAs)/Licensed Behavior Analyst’s (LBAs) provide individualized care to help them improve their social, behavioral and communication skills. 

Our goal is to ensure your child is not restricted by his or her diagnosis. We have a full-picture approach, involving you and your family members in the care we provide for your child. With the proper treatment and outlook, the potential for success is unlimited.
Bright Achievements

This is What We’re All About

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide each child with the tools they need to help them learn, grow, and succeed in life. We believe that with the right care and approach, there’s nothing your child can’t do.
Our Method

Our Method

When it comes to treatment, we believe a child thrives in a secure home environment. We provide on-staff mental health counseling to you and your family members to ensure optimal growth.
Our Model

Our Model

Bright Achievements was founded by mental health professionals and BCBAs, ensuring the care your child receives is targeted for success.
ABA Therapy, Explained

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Analysis Behavior (ABA) therapy is evidence-based and backed by decades of research. It is founded on the concepts of neuroplasticity and the fact that behaviors that are reinforced tend to be repeated. ABA therapists encourage your child to repeat positive behaviors and discourage the behaviors that impede success.

Your child’s therapist will create a unique plan which will break down challenging activities into smaller, simpler steps. When these tasks are consistently repeated and rewarded, your child will begin to steadily progress, opening incredible opportunities for growth.

ABA therapy has been proven to significantly improve social skills, decrease age-inappropriate behavior, and build communication and independence in children of all ages.


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